Using Tea Kettles For a Clean Cup of Tea


Can you taste the difference between boiled and microwaved water? What about water boiled in a sauce pan or a kettle? Many tea connoisseurs are often on a quest to find the best-tasting cup of tea available. Sometimes, that has to do with the type of tea used, particularly with loose over bagged blends. Other times, it’s simply how the water is boiled. After all, why waste part of an expensive loose blend of white tea in water boiled in a microwave? A few methods are used for boiling water, including with various electric and stovetop tea kettles Best copper tea kettle , a sauce pan, and a microwave.

Out of these options for boiling water, the microwave is the least favored. Although the heat gets the water to boil inside, so does any ordinary kettle – or even a sauce pan, for that matter. Water boiled in a microwave is often thought to have a warmed-over or lukewarm taste and even has an artificial or plastic aftertaste. While this might be sufficient for making a quick cup in the morning, it’s not for boiling water to steep in a teapot. Often, you’ll want to boil the water somewhere separate that then can be poured inside the teapot to steep for a few minutes. And, as many teapots are ceramic or porcelain, putting one in a microwave isn’t a sound idea.

Instead, the best – and most efficient method – is using a tea kettle. Stovetop and electric tea kettles are two options on the market. Neither of these need to be placed in the microwave and, instead, will heat up when placed on a stovetop or plugged into an outlet. Electric tea kettles, in particular, are said to make a clear batch of boiled water, especially as many designs have a filter inside to reduce any mineral deposits. best copper kettle The built up of minerals inside a stovetop tea kettle or an ordinary sauce pan is said to give boiled water by this method a metallic aftertaste, as well.

Many tea kettles even let you gauge how much water is placed inside. Whether you’re making a pot in a tea-for-one pot and cup combination or in a proper tea pot, the amount you need can be measured on the side of many electric kettles.

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