Market Fundamentals When Trading Online


Money management. I cannot stress this enough when you are working toward a career in the any sort of market environment. Sure, you might think that you have all the fundamentals all down to the ground, but if you do not have that piece of paper or that log book that keeps track of all the things you have been doing throughout the week, and then there is really no point even investing in the first place. Get yourself organised. Remember, trading is a game and in any game, the only way to mark your progress or your performance is to be able to keep score.

Domination in your trading career can only be seen through the consistent performance of your online or offline trading account. If the score gets rebounded to zero, then you know there is something wrong. But the whole point of money management is that you should not be waiting till that point of time to realise that there is indeed something about the market that is wrong and what you can do to change your strategy. What you need to do is simple. Trading Track your investments on a daily basis and from there make some informed decisions on what you need to do to make progress. Losing is never an option, but it is a reality in the trading game.

What you need is a measuring tool for that loss and your money is the best sort. If you lose X amount a day and on another day, lose a Y amount, there must have been elements there to make you lose less or more. This is where your own investigations can come in and you can then know what is wrong. Is it you? Or is it your strategy? There is always something to change and tweak. Or it could not even be both. It could be that the market is changing and some events in the world today are making that more tangible than you know. If you actually investigate why most traders in the world today are dropping like flies, you would notice that each and everyone has a missing fundamental in their trading game.

Money management is one of them, but it is the most important one of all. Without money, you cannot trade, there is no way around that. Hanging on to hopes and dreams while forgetting about the most important factor of your trading career will not get you anywhere at all. As you can see, sometimes it is the simplest things that can bring about the greatest of changes in the market and in your career as an online trader. Trading online is just the same as doing it offline. It carries with it the same risks and the same fundamentals that need to be observed if success is to be on the cards. In the end of the day, there is no way around it. You can have the most advanced of systems and the best knowledge on the market; but if propped on lousy fundamentals, then the trading career will eventually crash.

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