Magic vitamin – Nicotinamide riboside chloride


Aging is a part of human life that cannot be skipped. Most people reminisce about their youth and wish they were young, or better yet, could still function like they used when they were young. But unfortunately, that is not possible.

With age, human systems stop working efficiently and require extra care and efforts to maintain its functionality. This can be a stressful task and quite worrisome if even one aspect of it goes wrong. Due to this, people often rely on external products like vitamin and protein supplements, fad diets, even gadgets. But it is doubtful as to how helpful these actually are.

The right thing to do with age is to take great care of yourself, exercise daily, and consume healthy food full of important vitamins and other nutrients to keep yourself healthy and fit. This will help you to keep your immune system strong and fight off diseases. But in an era of instant gratification, nobody wants to put in so much effort.

Nowadays, with product developers trying to find the best supplements to help fight the effects of aging, they have discovered an organic compound known as Nicotinamide riboside chloride (NR). This compound, also known as niacin, nicotinamideriboside, is an alternative form of vitamin B3. This alternative of B3 vitamin is said to be capable of reversing the signs of aging from within.

To fight off aging, your biological processes should work smoothly. For this, NAD+ or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is the fuel to the processes like repairing DNA, converting food to energy, etc. Why nicotinamideriboside has gained popularity is because it allegedly increases the levels of NAD+ in the human body. NR is the precursor that can convert itself into NAD+ the most efficiently, thus giving its popularity and credibility a boost.

Various clinical tests on animals have proven that it is indeed capable of increasing levels of NAD+ in the body and may actually even reverse the sign of aging, in the short term. Long term tests need to be carried out on humans to understand if it has any ill effects on the human body and if it displays the same effect on humans as on animals.

A crystal form of nicotinamideriboside chloride, also known as NIAGEN, is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for consumption in small quantities in dietary supplements, and it is approved by the FDA. Its intended use is for consumption as a source of vitamin B3. It is used in the production of vitamin waters, protein shakes, nutrition bars, chewing gums. The maximum level of usage of nicotinamideriboside chloride in food products is 0.027% by weight.

Other than dietary supplements, nicotinamideriboside can also be found in small amounts in various fruits, vegetables, meat, and milk. It is also found in yeast and beer but the quantity is very small.

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