Golf Instruction Tip – Find a Golf Instruction System and Stick With It


The best golf instruction tip I can suggest you do is after you have read or watched a golf instruction book or DVD, make sure that there is a teacher who can provide you with one on one lessons.

I can’t stress enough that one on one lessons are the fastest way to get ahead with your golf instruction. What normally happens is that many golfers will purchase the latest instruction DVD or book and then try to learn by themselves the instruction written about.

The danger that you will find is that your interpretation of what the golf instructor is asking you to do maybe wildly different from what you can actually achieve. You may have flaws that you are not aware of that may stop you performing the various actions required to achieve a good golf swing.

One common flaw especially in men is that they tend to lift their shoulders involuntarily which causes all sorts of problems.

Unless you have the ability to study and copy exactly what the golf instruction DVD or Book is telling you to do you are doomed for failure and frustration. Golf Instruction & Product Reviews See your golf instructor is the glue that binds everything together, but only if they are on the same page as you when it comes to learning golf.

Look at it this way. If you buy a car like a Ford dealer and then you take your Ford to a Toyota dealership for servicing or repairs, yes the Toyota dealership can do most of the work competently but the Ford Dealership is the expert on Fords.

So my golf instruction tip to you is to buy books that you have a great chance of being taught by the author or accredited teachers of that author. This way you are learning a “golf instruction system.”

With the amount of lessons that I have done it is amazing how many golfers say they wished they had come earlier. As we are able to get them on the road to golfing success much quicker, and this is especially true if they have brought either a book or DVD.

For a few dollars and an hour of your time you will have a better overall concept of what you are trying to achieve with your golf swing. You will also be able to confirm whether what you are doing is on the same page as the instructor.

To me that is the real key. Reading golf instruction books is fun I agree, but you face problems as mentioned above.

So find a golf instruction system like “How to Kill the Ball” taught by Dan Shauger and his network of teachers around the world. Believe me this is the best golf instruction tip for you to enjoy golf.

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